IRH Helmet Replacement Policy

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Accident Replacement Policy USA

The following information pertains to IRH International Riding Helmets purchased in the United States. If your helmet is in an accident within the replacement period (3 years), return it to IRH for a replacement helmet at the cost listed below. Please follow the instructions in the order listed: 

1) Fill out the form that will include:

a. Your contact name, shipping address, email address and cell phone number

b. Your Credit Card information or a check or money order payable to IRH or International Riding Helmets

c. A description of the accident in as much detail as possible

Save the completed form on your computer or other device, and email to us with the photo below (3)

2) Cut the harness from the damaged helmet for proof that the compromised helmet will not be worn by anyone

3) Email a picture of the helmet with the cut harness to us at along with with the completed Helmet Replacement Form and we will process your order.


 Model Numbers Model Name Replacement Cost
1026-1027-1028-1029-1030 Equi-Lite $35.00
1134-1135-1137 Equi-Lite Fashion $35.00
1237-1239-1336-1337-1338-1339-1340 Equi-Pro II $35.00
1341-1342-1343-1344-1345-1346 Equi-Pro Sun Visor $40.00
1068 Medalist Hunt Cap $50.00
3310-3311-3312-3331-3332 IR4G Matte-Standard Colors $120.00
3327-3329-3330 IR4G Matte/Gloss-Premium Colors $125.00
3300-3313-3314 IR4G Amara Suede Finish $130.00
3315-3316-3319-3320 XLT Matte-Standard Colors $160.00
3323-3324-3325-3326-3328-3336-3337 XLT Matte-Premium Colors $165.00
3317-3318-3321-3322-3335 XLT Amara Suede Finish $180.00
3510-3512 F1 Regular Brim Matte Finish $125.00
3410-3411-3412-3414-3415 F1 Wide Brim Matte Finish $145.00
3414 F1 Wide Brim Leather Covered $155.00