Marcel Toulouse Genesis™ Tool Kit


The Genesis Adjustable Tree Replacement Tool Kit will keep your system in good condition. This kit includes one long-handled wrench to loosen the set screws prior to adjustment and for tightening the set screws after the adjustment and one tool for adjusting the rotating bolt that widens and narrows the tree. Scan the QR code for simple instructions for adjusting the Genesis Adjustable Tree. Made for M. Toulouse Saddles.

Lubricate your Genesis Adjustable tree to keep your system in top shape. This penetrating formula was originally developed by the Boeing Co. for the protection of aircraft parts Boeshield T9 not only displaces water, but also dries to a waxy (not oily) film that protects metals from corrosion for months. The fact that the T-9 will not attract wood dust or shavings as an oil-based lubricant can, this product is the perfect choice for use in the barn.