Classic French Design with a NEW Kind of Fit

The Genesis Adjustable Tree available only from Marcel Toulouse

Water Proof - Mud Proof Lifeproof!

Comfortable Boots and Shoes for use in tough and messy conditions

Sophisticated Tack, Meets Smart Savings!

Strategically priced tack, carefully designed for equestrian athletes at all levels!


As many of you may know, the history of IRH began in the 1950’s when Angelo Plastino began making riding caps for department stores, retail shops, the Royal Family, and other prominent equestrians of that time. Frank Plastino joined his dad in the 1970s, and in 1986 Frank founded IRH with the vision that safety would drive this industry. During the early 2000’s Frank expanded IRH into a worldwide brand.

Currently Frank's only son, Justin Plastino stepped into IRH. While he was juggling the daily workings of IRH and his work of 11 years in the financial field, Justin realized that this great company and the Equestrian industry is truly where his heart lies.

It is now Justin’s turn to take the reins and continue the family’s passion for producing great products that are safe, effective, and beautiful! By combining his passion and the old school family values that were instilled in him by his parents, Justin believes that he and his great team will take IRH to the next level.

Striving to give our customers the highest quality products and customer service, International Riding Helmets is the exclusive distributor of not only IRH helmets, but also the most popular brands such as Marcel Toulouse accessories and saddles featuring the exclusive Genesis Adjustable Tree, Mudruckers footwear, Flex Rider girths, Sanft Gentle German silver bits, and UMS 6 Way Flex Stirrups.

From the beginning, IRH has been known to offer a wide variety of helmets that have become synonymous with affordability and excellency. Currently the name IRH represents more than just riding helmets, but includes top brands of tack and accessories that reflect our use of traditional techniques and the newest technology along with the finest raw finest material, resulting in extraordinary products.

Life on the Road

We take a look at life in the ring and its effect on young riders and their parents. As parents, we want our kids to achieve more whle enjoying what they aer passionate about. But how do we let them live their dreams, and make sure they stay focused on education, while on the road?

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How to properly measure and fit your new IRH helmet