Ambassador Connor Giesselman

Ambassador Connor Giesselman

Ambassador Connor Giesselman

About Connor Giesselman

Born in Malibu, Ca., Connor has lived all over the United States and the world which has allowed her the opportunity to train with highly sought-after instructors. She has ridden through upper levels of both Eventing and Dressage, completing both the CCI*** and Intermediare levels respectively.  

Prior to opening her own facility, Connor worked for Daisy Trayford of Exmoor Eventing in the UK where she first learned how to run a successful sales program, and how to maintain the fitness of several upper-level event horses. This incredible experience allowed her to learn how an Eventing business is run. Back in the USA, Connor worked as Cathy Wieschhoff’s Carriage Station Farm in Lexington Ky, home to the CW Event Team, which includes a large lesson and training program. In addition to managing her own training and lessons, Connor’s duties included acting as barn manager and assistant trainer to Wieschhoff. To Connor, her time with the CW Event Team was invaluable and helped prepare her further as she steps out on her own. 

The last stop before Conner opened her own facility, she became a rider at Boyd Martin's farm in Cochranville, PA. Although only spending 6 months there, this time was invaluable in showing her the training and management of upper-level event horses. This also helped to further educate her eye and ability to determine the necessities for a successful event horse. 

​Currently, Connor is based at Naked Horse Farm in Ocala, FL. This large facility provides ample space to train both dressage and event horses from beginner to the upper levels throughout the year. With a string of top-quality horses in both Dressage and Eventing, she hopes to return to the USDF regionals/finals at the Intermediare level, and go on to get her USDF Gold Medal to compliment her current Bronze and Silver Medal status.

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