Ambassador Hadden Frost

Ambassador Hadden Frost

Ambassador Hadden Frost

I have known Hadden for a few years now and I am proud to welcome him to the family “IRH”.

Hadden is first and foremost a Horseman, a considerate and respectful person, and an extremely intuitive rider trainer and competitor.

Hadden makes a living & gathers friends by traveling the circuit of Steeplechasers and Show Jumpers between Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ocala Florida.

Difficult horses come Hadden’s way with hopes of a transformation into the talented competition horse that owners know resides within.

Horses respond to Hadden’s intuitive methods and become partners in the dance of show jumping.

We are very fortunate to have met Hadden through his friends in Ocala, and we are looking forward to watching Hadden’s business grow here in the US.

Nina Howie

Pursuit of Happiness is one of those horses mentioned above, currently jumping in the Grand Prix's in Ocala


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