Ambassador Susanne Hamilton

Ambassador Susanne Hamilton

Ambassador Susanne Hamilton

IRH Welcomes Susanne Hamilton to our family of ambassadors

I met Team IRH (Justin Plastino, his wife Melissa, BrieAnne Osterlund, and Nina Howie) at Dressage at Devon 2021 where they were marketing their lovely new IR4G and XLT helmet styles. My friend Gail Osterlund (BrieAnne’s mom and trainer), suggested that I try one of the new IR4G styles.

Prior to Dressage at Devon 2021, I had never worn an IRH helmet, and although reluctant to completely commit to a brand I had never tried at first, once I put it on my head I realized it was one of the most comfortable helmets I’d ever tried on. I was excited to wear the helmet during the remainder of the show, and finished 2nd in the Grand Prix Freestyle Saturday night on my horse Lesath wearing the Matte Navy helmet with Rose Gold vent!

This Winter at my seasonal stable in Wellington, I have had time to give my IRH quite the test drive! I had worn another brand for some time, but find myself reaching for my IRH, as it has become my favorite! At this point, I’m very confident in my ability to promote IRH and give my highest recommendation, as now I know, and appreciate just how excellent the quality is. Not only is the helmet comfortable and safe for daily training, but it is fashionable enough to take down the centerline of a Grand Prix CDI.


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