Ambassador Anna Christina Gansauer

Ambassador Anna Christina Gansauer

Ambassador Anna Christina Gansauer

Anna Christina Gansauer came to the USA from Ecuador 9 years ago to build her training facility at Kandor Farm, in Ocala Florida.

In Ecuador, Anna started her riding career at 9 years old. By 16 Anna was riding in International Championships, winning the world junior championship with 6 clear rounds. At 17 competed in Her first senior champions finishing with a Bronze medal in the Bolivian Games. In 2005 Anna was proud to have been awarded the prestigious title of “Best Female Athlete of Ecuador”.

Anna currently competes successfully all over the world, jumping in the big 5 Star Grand Prix classes, where she has been able to create a bond with her horses “up where the air is a little thinner”.

Anna dreams about going to the Olympics, as do many of the top riders in the industry. Asked about her Olympic goals in a recent interview, Anna says: “I am very determined to make that a reality. I know all of it is very expensive and it matters where you are in life. I know you need a fantastic team, and a great group of horses but most importantly you need to be a great rider. So, I am hoping to check off all the boxes and make all of them a reality. I know the goals are big, but I believe you can do whatever you want in life if you try.”

 Anna’s philosophy as a trainer is that the horse always comes first. “We are the lucky ones to be able to ride horses for a living, so treating these fantastic creatures with respect and as partners is always the top priority”.

In addition to managing her Kandor Farm with 20 plus horses, Anna recently received her Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, and is working towards her PhD.

 Everyone has a “heart Horse in their life, and Anna’s forever horse is the Belgian Warmblood Delgado Van’t Neerhof. . Delgi is now officially retired, but he is happily living at home and Anna will make sure to forever be on his side, wherever the wind might take them. 


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