Ambassador Lexie Kment

Ambassador Lexie Kment

Ambassador Lexie Kment

Lexie Kment told us that she loved our products from the very beginning of her riding journey. She grew up wearing the IRH helmet, and never wavered from our brand.

Lexie proudly wore her IR4G helmet in her National Championship’s and 3 Robert Dover Horse Mastership debuts. “The IRH helmet has always made me feel stylish and beautiful”

Lexie is a top competitor in her age group and in the dressage community. At only 13 years old, Lexie was the 2019 FEI Children’s National Champion, and was also awarded the Robert Dover Horse-mastership Award for her hard work, great sportsmanship, work ethic, participation, and character. (All things we LOVE to promote here at IRH) She rode to the top of her age group on an OTTB names Manatee that her mom (& trainer) purchased for Lexie and her sister Kylee to both enjoy riding.

In August of 2020 Lexie defended her own 2019 Championship title as the 2020 FEI Children’s National Champion, resulting in another invitation to the 2021 Robert Dover Horse-Mastership Clinic.

After winning the Children’s Championship at the US Dressage Festival of Champions, Laureen van Norman offered her horse Montagny von der Heide, a 17-year-old Trakehner gelding by Hibiskus, bred in Germany by Manfred Rüter to move up from the Children’s to the Junior Division.

Nine months later Lexie and Monty competed as a team for the first time at the 2021 North American Youth Championships. Kment not only earned three gold medals (helping secure the Gold for her Region 4 team) but in addition she was named the recipient of the inaugural Amanda Johnson “Pursuit of Excellence” Trophy as the overall high-score junior rider.

 Currently Lexie is on the Region 4 Team again at the 2022 North American Youth Championships in the Junior division. Lexie and her sister Kylee along with teammate Elle Fruchterman have already won the GOLD Medal for the USA! 

All of Lexie’s supporters are looking forward to the success of Region 4 individual tests throughout the weekend!

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