Ambassador Autumn Weiss

Ambassador Autumn Weiss

Ambassador Autumn Weiss

Hi my name is Autumn Weiss. I am 22 years old and have been riding since before I could walk! I grew up with horseman as parents who have owned horses for 40+ years.

I started formally riding both English and western at 4 years old. I now train students both English and western, and have found such a passion for seeing young riders find their love of this sport. Most of my preteen and teen years I spent competing in the jumpers all over the east coast where I learned the massive importance of helmets, and found my love for the IRH brand.

At the same time I was competing western, doing ranch sorting and team penning events where was one of the only riders who wore a helmet. A few years ago, I made the transition to rodeo and have found the true passion of mine! I’ve seen the industry absolutely blow up with the show of how important our helmets are!

My main mounts currently have all done both English and western and are such amazing athletes. Australian Gold aka “Sidney” is my family farm born, raised, and trained by myself, my pride and joy. PW Little Priss aka “Snooki” is my go-to for anything horse, who’s shown successfully in jumpers, cutting, competitive trail, and rodeo. Her latest title is “Mom” to a stunning stud colt prospect of mine, Just a Little Famous aka “Dutton”. My newest to the team is SH Tommy Boy aka “Tommy” who is beaming with talent and planning to make our rodeo appearance this season!

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